Claiming deductions for working at home reminder

ATO's shortcut method ended on 30 June 2022

The Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) shortcut method was a temporary measure to help simplify working out the appropriate tax deduction for working at home due to COVID-19 restrictions that commenced in March 2020. With this method, you can claim eighty cents (80¢) for every hour you work from home. However, this method will not be extended after 30 June 2022.

Therefore, please be reminded that if you claim any work from home expenses post 1 July 2022, you will need to keep your receipts.

The pre-covid fixed rate method will still be available post 1 July 2022; however actual receipts generally provide a better claim, and a diary of working from home hours is required to use the fixed-rate method.

The fixed-rate method allows taxpayers to claim 52¢ an hour for heating, cooling, lighting, cleaning and the decline in value of office furniture, plus the work-related portions of phone and internet expenses, computer consumables, stationery, and the decline in value of a computer, laptop or similar device.

For more information about working from home expenses, visit ATO’s website:

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